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The Pet Bow-Tique’s Oviedo pet boarding facility is Plantation Pet Resort, a luxurious, spacious facility on eleven Oak covered acres of rolling countryside owned by Nelson and Dawn Blackmore.  It was built to provide relaxing and enjoyable accommodations for your pets while you are away.  Our approach to caring for your pet is very different from most boarding kennels. 

Most pet boarding kennels put your pet in a relatively small cage or run where he will spend most of his stay except for two of three brief walks on a leash which they call a potty break and play time.  At Plantation Pet Resort  we allow the dogs to run and play as much as they want.  Your pet starts his day every morning at 7:30 am when we let all our guests out into our two play yards for large and small dogs, where they run and play for the next 2 hours while the resort staff gathers all the old food, water & bedding, thoroughly cleans your pet's suite and then puts down clean bedding, fresh food and water.  At this time, everyone comes back in for breakfast, which is usually followed by a mid-morning nap.  Throughout the rest of the day your pet is outside playing another 4 to 5 times during the day, usually at least for a half-an-hour, with the last play session usually around 10:00pm. We stock the two play areas with toys appropriate for pets and put out wading pools in the hot summer months.  This is also where many hours of Frisbee and fetch are played!

We provide an abundance of balls, Frisbees and other toys and bedding for your pet’s enjoyment. We can not accept your pet’s toys or bedding because we can’t guarantee their return.

Each pet must be properly vaccinated and we highly recommend flea and/or tick preventative.  Each pet is evaluated as to their social skills when introduced to our other canine guest to ensure compatibility. 

In order to give each pet individual attention, we’ve chosen to keep Plantation Pet Resort dog boarding kennel small and exclusive, avoiding the chaos of large kennels.  This way we can offer your pet the quiet, yet fun atmosphere he deserves as opposed to a large kennel with many runs and the mayhem, and health risks, which result when you try to house large numbers of dogs in a confined space.

We play T.V., DVDs or the radio, especially in the evenings, to soothe your pet and give him the sense of home. Our Oviedo pet resort houses your pet in an air conditioned and heated suite that is 4'X 6'.  At the back of that is a door operated by a cable that allows your pet access to a spacious adjoining shaded outside run that is 4'X12'.  At the end of this second outside run is a chain link gate that opens into a very large, fenced & grassy play area.  This is where your dog has all the fun! 

For your convenience, we offer a shuttle service between The Pet Bow-Tique and Plantation Pet Resort for your pet's visit to the pet resort.  Your pet should be dropped at The Pet Bow-Tique between 9am and 11am on the 1st day of your pets visit. Your pet can be picked up at The Pet Bow-Tique between 11am and 6 pm on the last day of your pet’s visit.  Saturday pickup of your pet is between 11 am and 3 pm.

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Plantation Pet Resort Rates:

$28 per night:
Additional dogs in the same run receive a 25% discount off the $28 first dog rate.


Plantation Suites: (accommodates up to 2 large dogs or 3 to 4 small to medium dogs in same family)

$28 single occupancy
$21 each additional guest

Note: Plantation Suites may be booked for any size dog at the $28 rate.

Summer Swim Sessions Available!
Includes 2-5 hours of leisure and play time with Dawn and her dog, Griz, in the big pool at the house. Loads of summer fun for only $20!

Pasture only @ $20 per night. (5 night minimum)
Pasture day/stall night @ $30 per night (5 night minimum)

per night

per night

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Special Needs:

If your pet requires special care such as a special food preparation (mixing, cooking or thawing food or the administration of medications, we are happy to accommodate at a nominal fee.

  1. Medications @ $5 per day per run.
  2. Special food preparation @ $5 per day per run.
  3. Unneutered and/or Aggressive Males:  Although your Unneutered male  may  be a sweet lovable pet at home we must handle them differently than our other pets to avoid possible pregnancies or aggression toward other males. Your dog still gets out to play and romp 5 or more times a day. A $5 per day additional charge will be added for unneutered and/or aggressive males.

All pets should arrive with their regular food bagged in baggies for each meal.  This assures that your pet is not under fed or overfed and he doesn't experience any stomach discomfort from new food.  We feed 2 times a day, so each pet should have 2 proportioned & bagged meals for each night they are at the resort.

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Checking your pet in for his or her stay at Plantation Pet Resort:

  1. Please have your pet at The Pet Bow-Tique at 47 South Central Ave. Oviedo, Fl. between 9am and 11 am for their transport to Plantation Pet Resort.
  2. To assure your pet's safety and security while being transported to the Plantation Pet Resort, your pet is required to be wearing a snugly fitting collar attached to a strong leash.  (In the event you do not have one or both, they can be purchased inexpensively at the Bow-Tique.)
  3. A copy of your pet's current vaccination records showing expiration dates for Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella (kennel cough).
  4. Two normal portions of your dog's regular food in individual baggies for each pet for each night of their stay.
  5. Your pet may be picked up Monday thru Friday between 11am & 6pm at The Pet Bow -Tique.  Saturday pick-up is between 11am & 3pm.

Free Bath with 7 paid nights when you pick your pet up from The Pet Bow-Tique.

For Oviedo Pet Boarding reservations call 407-443-7024 or Request reservations today!

For Grooming appointments call 407-366-8187.

Remember, Plantation Pet Resort is located at our home.  Please respect our privacy; we are happy to give tours at any normal operating business hours by appointment.  Please call at least a half hour prior to assure that one of us will be expecting you.